Specialty Course


If you have a particular interest, such as wreck diving or the natural environment, you can further explore it with your visits to the underwater world.

Alternatively, you may just want to know as much as you can about different aspects of scuba diving and become the best diver you can.  Eatherway you may enjoy a specialty course.

Through PADI Aqaba Bedouin Dive offers a wide range of speciality courses which can be completed over one or two days while giving you a tour of some of our great sites.

Some of our more popular specialty courses include:




 4 Dives, 2 Days


There is something exhilarating about going deep. Learn the finer points of diving deep and get certified to head down to 40m.




 3 dives, 2 days

Meet the whole new cast of critters that come out at night. If you are fascinated by the underwater world at night then this is the course for you, gain the skills needed to safely execute night dives.


Peak Performance Buoyancy

2 dives, 1 day     


Ever wondered how the pros look so smooth underwater? Perfect the most fundamental skill of diving through the Peak Performance Buoyancy course; in the process learn skills that will help you to get better photos, save air and protect the reef.

Underwater Naturalist

2 dives, 1 day                    


Did you know that an octopus has 3 hearts? Learn more about the fascinating underwater world. Learn the techniques used to identify creatures and find out how they interact and survive.


Wreck Diver

4 dives, 2 days                                   

This is a must do for those who want to see inside a wreck. Learn the art of wreck penetration using specialised equipment and techniques to gain access to sunken ships such as the Cedar Pride.





Become a PADI Master Scuba Diver by completing 5 PADI specialty courses, each giving you new skills which will make you an exceptional diver. For this year only PADI is offering free processing once you have completed the specialties; so get started now.