Advanced OW, Rescue & Refresher



Pool Only

All experienced divers know how important it is to keep their skills fresh.

If you haven’t dived for a while, a Scuba Review will help you to refresh your diving theory. In the pool you will also get to refresh your basic scuba skills with the help of a PADI instructor.

 CHECK OUT DIVE                                                                 

If it has only been a short time since your last dive you may want to do a check out dive to get yourself familiar with our gear and our sites. Assisted by a PADI instructor you will cover a few basic skills before enjoying our beautiful reefs.



Go deeper and learn about wrecks, underwater navigation, and more with the PADI Advanced Open Water course. All it takes is 5 open water dives over two days to hone your skills and boost your confidence.

If you don’t have time for the full course we can start to complete adventure dives individually (so long as you have the manual) towards your advanced.




Learn how to look after your friends and family with the finer points of diver rescues. This course will teach you how to deal with dive situations from marine life injuries, to decompression illness.

This course is seriously fun!

To participate in this course you need to have a current first aid qualification, please enquire if you are interested.

  2 Days