Open Water


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Get certified to plan and execute dives to 18m.  Over some theory sessions, 5 pool dives and 4 ocean dives our PADI instructor will give you the knowledge and skills required to safely explore the underwater world.

We need to check that you have no pre–existing medical conditions which may an issue while scuba diving. All being well, and assuming you can complete a basic swim test, you can get started.

Once certified you will be able to explore the underwater world right accross the planet.




Ages from 10 years and up







If you want to maximize the time actually diving on your holiday, you can complete some of the open water course before heading out to Aqaba.


Try completing the PADI online -elearning program- this lets you complete the theory before you come. If you wish to try e-learning, please contact us for more information.









d85993e27be9043f99d4a13d62f4d29dThe PADI scuba diver course is a shortened version of the PADI open water diver course for those

who have less time to get certified, or for those who for some reason cannot finish the full course.

The scuba diver course is the first 3 theory modules, the first 3 confined water training sessions and the first 2 dives of the open water course.radio2logo

This certification is a maximum of 12 meters and all subsequent fun dives have to supervised by a PADI professional, scuba diver can always upgrade to a full open water certification at a later date.




Duration 2 days

Ages from 10 years and up.