Discover Scuba Diving


PADI-Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)



Do you want to breathe underwater and experience the undersea world, but don’t havie time for a full course? Or are you not sure if scuba diving is really for you? A DSD experience is the right choice for you.

After a quick medical questionnaire and safety briefing we can get straight to the fun stuff. Some centres only do DSDs in a pool, however, we are lucky enough to have a beautiful life-filled bay right on our doorstep. So you can get the feeling of what scuba diving is about from your first underwater breath.


Minimum age 10







PADI Bubble-maker


B 1

Of course the kids want to join the fun as well! Children can start to experience the joys of scuba from the age of 8 with the PADI Bubblemaker program.

-Maximum depth- 2 metres