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Welcome to Aqaba


      Bedouin Dive Centre


Aqaba Bedouin dive offers the perfect balance of value, safety, fun and environmental awareness, all within a familiar and relaxed family –style atmosphere.

Whether you want to learn diving, advance your training or just enjoy the beautiful sea life around Aqaba; we would like to welcome you at our diving centre

Our main aim is to build strong and lasting customer relationships by growing customer loyalty and satisfaction, and improving customer service.

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Diving and snorkeling is a sport for everybody, if you are travelling as a couple, single, family with children, old or young you are more than welcome; our professional staff will show you the wonder of Aqaba gulf.


Activities for divers


Daily dives: Spend an amazing time underwater and a marvellous day with us; because of our perfect location we can do 3 dives per day with a long break between each dive.

Half day dive: you can spend half day with 2 dives and be back at 12 pm. our guide will show you the best dive spots in a safe peaceful environment.

Sunset dive: at this time of the day the sea is very calm and the sun light will change gold to red. The fishes start to come out for feeding; it is a very active time underwater depending on the time of the year. Experience one of the best times of the day and visit the buzzing marine life during your time.

Wreck dive: the Gulf of Aqaba has one of the most beautiful wrecks you can imagine for some divers, it is the best to drift dawn and pass under the ship. Depth 10 to 26 meters max whether sunk intentional or tragically, whether a smaller wreck, very old one or bigger ship, the call of wrecks is nearly irresistible to divers. During our daily dive tours you will have the chance to see two wrecks cedar pride and the tank.

Night dive: If you would like to experience the red sea from a complete different side go for the adventure of the night dive, watch the fishes while they sleep, the corals coming out for feeding at night time and explosion of colours you would never expect.


Activities for non divers


If you would like to see what’s going on under the sea, you can explore the fascinating natural of Aqaba gulf with us. We’ll take you to have a new experience, daily guided snorkelling excursions to the most amazing reefs of the red sea.

Discover scuba diving in the pool: take your first breath underwater in the village pool, our instructor will explain to you how to use the diving equipment, give you an introduction of the basic scuba diving.

Discover scuba diving in the sea: take your chance and explore the underwater with your professional personal instructor, scuba diving provides you with the ability to stay longer underwater, watch the fishes and corals without having to disturb yourself with going to the surface to get air again.

Start the adventure of being like a fish; after a short theory, our instructor will take you for an amazing tour underwater, the best you can imagine for spending an unforgettable time underwater at the most beautiful reef.